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    • 05 MAR 16
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    3 often ignored causes of back pain

    Back pain that returns is rarely about your back.  Often there are other factors driving the issue.  3 common drivers of back pain we see daily in clinic can literally be the number one issue you need to sort to be rid of pain for good.

    Cause # 1

    Hip mobility problems: The true hip is a ball and socket joint that is design meant to move in multiple planes.  Excessive sitting combined with previous injuries can set up hip capsular patterns that put strain on your back.  Your body is smart.  Lose some movement here and it will compensate somewhere else, typically your back.  Had lots of treatment on your sore back and the problem returns? Ask your practitioner to check your hip mobility. Try this hip mobility drill.

    Cause # 2

    Old ankle injuries: The ankle is the most injured joint across the globe.  It is also the most poorly rehabilitated. The ankle and foot is your interface between your body and the earth.  60% of the brains balance information is coming from the ankle.  So an old injury which distorts movement and balance information from this key joint has effects that ricochet up the leg and can cause wonky compensation in you lower back. Check out this ankle mobility test and drill.

    Cause # 3

    Food intolerance: Unlike an allergy which can be life threatening, food intolerance can grumble away and drive levels of silent inflammation higher and higher.  Eating a food that you are intolerant to can cause symptoms for up to 5 days after you have eaten it.  Any joints already inflamed or unhappy because of lack of movement will become more inflamed with food intolerance. I wrote about food intolerance in this post.  Simple to sort using a science based approach.

    We look at the whole person and make accurate diagnosis of the true cause of back pain.  At the heart of our success is an evidence based holistic assessment of your needs.


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