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    5 health mistakes the successful never make

    Your impact everyday comes down to your energy.  Energy is product of your health.  Your health will power you to greater success by avoiding these 5 simple health mistakes.  Successful people not only know these, they also take action on each item daily.  This gives them more energy, greater clarity and bigger capacity to get things done.  This is what gives them the edge.


    1. Responsibility

    The government, doctors and healthcare systems are not responsible for your health. You are. Health at every level is an inside-out job.  Successful people take 100% responsibility for their energy and health.  They own it.  Yes, they have a team of pro’s to support and challenge them but ultimately they own the journey.

    Own your health


    1. No plan

    Next is having a clear plan.  If you have no idea where you are now and where you want to be, you will equally have no idea what action you need to take today to move towards that. Like it’s a mistake not having career plan, or financial independence plan, not having a personal health plan is ludricous.  With out it there is not career or the finance to enjoy. Let’s be clear having some form of health insurance benefit is only part of what having personal health plans means. Think of health insurance plan as a back-up plan that you never want to use.

    Successful people have a personal health ‘ensurance’ plan


    1. Sitting

    How can sitting be a mistake? We are not designed to sit.  For 4 million years we hunted and gathered.  That meant we regularly walked up to a marathon daily. Our hunter gatherer ancestors did not pull out camp chairs at the end of the day. Why you should squat.  Sitting is a halfway house between standing and squatting.  The latest research suggests sitting more then 3 hours a day will shorten your life, affect your blood sugar and help the create the kind brain fog successful people never have.

    Successful people move a lot.


    1. Eating dirty

    Eat dirty and nutrient poor, sugar loaded cardboard is so easy in the modern world.  It’s foolish to think of food as merely fuel.  You are not a machine. You are a dynamic (always changing), complex, organic and sensitive system.  Modern farming practices and poor regulation of food marketing has made healthy eating more difficult than ever.  Eating clean means knowing what went into your food, eating seasonally and eating fresh.

    Successful people eat clean.


    1. Believing they are invincible

    No one can blaze 100-hour weeks forever. Recovery is a massive cornerstone of health.  Successful people know sleep and recovery have massive implications for energy, health, performance and productivity. It’s the single most important behavioural experience you have.  It is easy to think nothing is happening when are in recovery mode.  Wrong.  The brain does not shut down when you are in recovery or asleep. It’s super busy performing vital processes that are directly linked to your energy and health for the next day. 2 key things are happening:

    1. Metabolic restoration is underway. Your brain detoxes during sleep.
    2. Brain processing, memory consolidation and deeper learning is happening. When we have enough recovery and sleep our ability to be innovative can increase by a factor of 3.

    Successful people worship recovery

    Own your health.  Own your energy creation and nourishment daily and you will have more impact now and protect yourself in the future.


    Carlyle Jenkins

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