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It was January 2017, when I was given a piece of paper from a life insurance company that my health was at risk, after a doctor’s home visit to run various tests. The letter said my results were outside of what they would class as the normal hence they rejected my cover. My results showed:

Alanine transferase (ALT) showed 78 iu/L. (2-40 is the norm),Gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) was at 501 iu/L (4-40 is the norm) and Total cholesterol was at 7.71 mmol/L (3.3-5.8 is the norm).

I have always been conscious of my health and fitness for the last ten years at least, starting in my mid-thirties. I am a pescatarian, meaning I only eat sea food and vegetarian meals. I used to run moderately and felt reasonably fit. I could not understand why this was happening to me.

I went to see my GP to run the same tests, as I thought they must have mixed my results with someone else’s. The results were the same and she referred me to a liver and a cardio doctor. Both advised me to go on statins as they could not see that I would be able to bring down my cholesterol. I was desperate. My liver doctor knew that I had gastritis, hiatus hernia and IBS. He previously prescribed medication for the acid reflux, which never worked and told me to be careful with my diet. I have been on so many diets.  I asked both doctors whether it was my gut which was causing all these problems, both confirmed it was just not possible but advised that perhaps the problem was in my genes!

I can only describe meeting Carlyle as a pure chance, and the best thing that could have happened to me. It was the week of traveling from one doctor to another.  I was searching on the internet whether I could re-set a sliding hernia, thinking perhaps if I did, I would digest food better and eliminate some of the health issues. Somehow I was convinced the doctors were wrong. The advice on the net was telling me to see a good chiropractor. Carlyle was recommended to me by another chiropractor that I used to see some years ago.

I remember sitting in front of this stranger, who was asking me many questions about myself. I thought, here we go again, this is a waste of time. I was a very cynical person, after trying many alternative therapies for many different reasons. I was tired, but I carried on just to be polite. He was trying to understand my life with the answers that I was trying to give. More he asked, more I wanted to run away, I had work to do. The last word played volumes, and I gave in. He suggested that I was not living the ‘present’. Perhaps I was too consumed with past and future, and I was not breathing the present. I could not control the tears, they just kept on coming out, and I felt so embarrassed. I was breaking down, and he was right, I did not want to face any of it.

The truth is I was too stressed out, I was working long hours running a business, if not working, I was busy worrying about work and family, and anxiety was overwhelming sometimes. I had a trauma within my family abroad late last year, and it really made me sad and I was trying to bury it through work. I hardly slept, I drunk good wine and ate out a lot, and consumed sugar a lot to keep me awake, keep me going through out my days.

Carlyle asked to see my test results and in his very calm tone, he advised me to listen to the doctors but perhaps there was a way to resolve the gut issue.  He said everything is connected and if the body is clever enough to break itself, it should be clever enough to repair itself with the right adjustments. He talked about the microbiome diet which is designed to repair the digestive system and re-balances intestinal flora. This result in better health, energy, mental function, and weight loss if needed. As I understand, each of us has an internal complex ecosystem of bacteria located within our bodies that we call the microbiome and majority live in our digestive systems, sometimes they are called our genetic footprints as they determine how our DNA is expressed. Poor gut health can contribute to many diseases, and breaks down the immune system.

I wanted to believe that this was a program that could help me get my life back on track before I needed some serious medical intervention.  Surely I had nothing to lose, other than some time and money. I needed to re-educate myself on how to deal with my current life, as whatever I was doing was not working.

Carlyle sent me various materials for me to read on, and a guide to a food plan, and he warned me that it was not going to be easy.  By focusing on a disciplined diet and exercise, also helped me not to focus on negativity that I had in my life at the time. I had to cook every meal, wash and prepare vegetables in certain ways, make my own pack lunch… First two months were hard to get into that routine.

After 8 months of being on the program, I felt as if I’d jump-started my body’s engine with a complete overhaul and new fuel. My cholesterol dropped from 7.71 high risk to under 5 and low risk with good cholesterol climbing up. I gained lean muscle and lost 8 kilos of fat. I reduced my risk of heart disease to 0. I had more energy, produced better work, and developed resilience. I thought I was fit, and I was wrong. I now run three times a week in a comfort, I climb twice a week, and I do pilates, I hike and walk a lot and l love cooking. I do tai-chi and yoga almost every morning. I have just left Lake Tahoe California after a fantastic rock climbing. I love the certain principles in climbing, one of my favourite is to recognize whatever is making you unstable, and get rid of it, then climb on. I love practicing this in life.

Carlyle’s compassion and understanding of where I was in my life was visionary. He was encouraging, understanding, empathic, supportive. Talking through different food challenges with Carlyle was also incredibly helpful.

Whilst I recognise that my journey to heal myself will continue throughout my life, I have taken that big stepping stone for the right direction. I cannot thank Carlyle enough for helping me to live this good life that I am living now. Thank you!

Omur Ardern


The team at Prohab have quite simply delivered a transformation. When is comes to both mind and body, my personal capacity to perform to the best possible level in both running my own businesses and pursuing my passion in sport has increased beyond comprehension.

Giles Brook – Entrepreneur


5 years ago, I sprained my right ankle severely while practicing parkour. I saw two orthopaedic consultants in two different countries. I had MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays, steroid injections, physio sessions, etc. Nothing worked as I was unable to run for 4 years. Then I met Carlyle at Prohab. In the space of 3 months I was starting to run again, within 6 months I was able to jump again. I am now enjoying my parkour activities with full abilities again. The work that Carlyle has done has been simply transformational.

Fred L.


A dealing floor can be a stressful environment. Timing is everything and remaining clear and focused is key. Therefore, being hindered by regular migraines made it impossible to work in an efficient way.  Prohab’s approach is unique. It is not reactive; throwing drugs at you to mask the problem. Carlyle takes the time to understand the root cause and works with you to discover a solution. I never thought I would be able to regain and maintain a feeling of focus; both at and away from work. Since seeing Carlyle, I have not had a single migraine, I have felt stronger and more confident.”

Alf Costanzo – TD Securities


Carlyle is an enlightened and unique practitioner who combines his professional training with strong personal empathy. We’re all exceptional somehow but sometimes we forget how it happened or how to harness our talents or both. Carlyle seems to get it back

Robin Dixon


“Carlyle is a unique and exceptional practitioner. His deep interest in his subject areas has led him to explore healing and performance issues in a holistic, creative and ground-breaking way. One cannot but be impressed by the range of skills and abilities that he brings into his professional work. I have no hesitation in recommending Carlyle.”

Simon North – Position Ignition

Prohab helped me know exactly which foods made my body strong and which foods made my body weak. I know exactly what to do nutritionally pre/post training and games to give my body the right fuel and help recovery.

I am leaner and have gained 2-3% sharpness in my movement. Best of all I know how to cook some awesome meals and I am really confident in the kitchen. The combination of lab testing and food coaching was crucial. I highly recommend the programme to anyone wanting to make sure they have covered off the nutritional component of their performance.

Joleon Lescott – Professional Footballer, Manchester City FC and England


I completed the Marathon in 3h34m, which is 4min better than my last time! 12 weeks ago I was even doubting that I could do the marathon but thanks to the training with you it worked perfect, thanks again!!!!

Dennis Geertz


The bar was high, Prohab was recommended to me by an extreme sports enthusiast and great friend who has travelled the world and said Carlyle is by far the best he has met.  And did he deliver?  My neck had been given me significant problems for a good 2 years and both traditional medicine and physio have only given a short term effect. Prohab’s style of treatment was a completely new way of working for me, looking at the core of the problem from a mental and physical angle, meant I reappraised my posture, thinking and attitude to stress.

After 12 treatments, of complete revelation and enjoying every minute of the sessions, my neck is completely better, my posture is a million times improved and I feel so much more in charge of life.  So would I recommend Prohab as my friend did to me?  The answer, a complete and resounding yes all the way.

Leone Ashby – Brand Manager


Within one session, Carlyle had shown me a connection between the body’s physiology and mind’s influence over it that I never before believed existed. Also, within that first session, he was able to show me how this could make a huge difference to my ability to compete in the marathon. I really was amazed. So I had a few more sessions before the marathon. During these sessions, Carlyle used his unique understanding of all aspects of the body and his unique capability to apply this understanding to not only get my body into condition to run the marathon, but also to lay down a time (3h 40m) that I didn’t think I would be capable of, just one year ago. I would thoroughly recommend Carlyle’s approach to anybody.”

Paul Rutkowski


I have seen numerous therapists and specialists regarding my shin splints. I was at first skeptical about Carlyle’s technique and approach but he took the time to explain what he was doing and why. Carlyle’s touch is light and his technique so quick it is almost impossible to believe it will work. Three sessions and my shin splints were no longer an issue. Truly amazing.

Ray Klerck – Men’s Health


Carlyle found the root of problems I could never have found myself; I was amazed how quickly I saw results.

Kerry Ballard – Head of Graduate Recruitment, Barclays GRB


Re-designing how my brain processed physical movement and its relationship with stress, allowed for a sustainable healing and recovery process.

Rory Simpson – Associate Dean, Executive Education, London Business School


I found it difficult to drive, sit for long periods or sleep. Through working with Prohab, I was able to complete the Etape du tour without pain.

Penny Ladkin – Finance Director, Fitness First


After spinal surgery they said I would never run or play football again.  I can now play 90 minutes of football competitively.

Joe Taylor – Solicitor, Linklaters


I am a keen triathlete but suffered from recurring knee pain that not only affected the consistency of my training and performance but was really starting to get me down and make me doubt whether I could achieve all that I wanted to! Carlyle was recommended to me by friends but I have to admit I was somewhat sceptical when he confidently told me that we could sort out the knee niggles for good. After following an initial 3 month treatment plan (and doing my prohab exercises without fail!) I was pain free. I now see Carlyle for regular adjustments as necessary and I am feeling, moving and training better than I could have expected. I cannot recommend Carlyle and the Prohab team highly enough

Pascoe Simpson – Taylor Wessing


It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say the service I received from the Prohab team transformed my life ! I arrived there having already been seen by 2 experts (one who had previously treated me), having spent a lot of time and money trying to diagnose the problem I had. I had been x rayed, injected, plastered, bandaged for a period of 6 months with no improvement. What impressed me was Carlyle’s ability to ask the right questions and take the time not to look for the easy answer. He listened to what the problem was, instead of assuming what it maybe. That imagination and perception led to a programme of recovery that I had lost any hope of achieving. The team managed expectations, were honest, thorough and a year later I am running, cycling and swimming pain free. They were excellent at making time to suit you, and most impressively, making sure that I was also contributing to the recovery process by following through on exercises. I would have no hesitation in recommending the service they provide. From the start every aspect of the experience has been of the highest quality.

Nick Johnston – Barclays


I recently took on the incredibly daunting task of running the London marathon, after previously not having run more than 10kms. All was going well with my training, and I was comfortably coping with the increased distances until the weekend I attempted 15 miles. Three minutes into my run, I started experiencing a sharp pain above my left knee so had to stop running. I was terrified that I had done some permanent damage to my knee and I wouldn’t be able to run the marathon.

A good friend of mine put me on to her highly regarded Chiropractor – Carlyle, and I am so incredibly glad that I went in to meet with him. Carlyle instantly put me at ease with his relaxed yet incredibly professional approach to my treatment. I met with Carlyle on a Thursday afternoon for my initial consultation, and was back in his office early the next morning to discuss my treatment options. (Despite the fact that it he was flying out on his family holiday a few hours later).

Prohab provided me with a detailed treatment plan and reassured me that they would “work their butt off” to get me in shape to run the marathon. they outlined the treatment that would be involved and after just a few sessions I was already noticing improvements not only with my knee but with my running style and capability. The pain in my knee soon disappeared completely, and other niggles that I had brushed off as random running pains, were no longer bothering me.

Seeing Carlyle throughout my treatment meant that I was able to maintain a continual level of training, whereas a lot of my friends schedules were interrupted by various pains and injuries. I ended up running the marathon 15 minutes faster than I had hoped for, and have no doubt that Carlyle played a very big factor in that. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carlyle to anyone looking for a highly skilled and trustworthy chiropractor. After speaking to a number of his other clients, it has become very apparent that he takes a very personal interest in each and every one of his clients health and well being.

Kellee Hancock – Barclays


I was told by the specialist in France that I was never going to ski, run or play football again…I had just survived a massive avalanche in which my good friend was killed and to be in one piece was some sort of miracle. I set out to prove the doctors wrong.

About two years after the avalanche I managed with great pain to complete the London triathlon (1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run). The swim and cycle I found relatively “easy” but the run was agony.

A friend referred me to Carlyle. Carlyle’s in-depth consultation revealed that I had broken a plate that held my pelvis together. It resulted in severe back and hip pain once again. Combining Carlyle’s mental and physical approach with my rehab and gym work allowed me to happily say that the French doctors were 100% wrong as I completed my first London Marathon in 2005 within just over 5hrs.”

Gregor Robertson